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Case Studies

Automap, Inc.

Popularize the companies’ software products creating demand from consumers, supporting sales through channel distribution and national retail chains.

As a startup with little capital the sales & marketing programs had to be developed and paid for through internal organic growth.

Goals Achieved
In less than four years Automap was the fastest growing, top ten best selling and most used consumer PC mapping software product. It was sold nationwide through mass merchants, retail chains and carried by all major software distributors, culminating in Microsoft’s cash acquisition of NextBase the parent company and owner of the Automap Brand of products.

Business Highlights

Creative Coop advertising, exchanging ad placement for 8 cents on the dollar
OEM Promotional premium sales programs
Direct mail programs, converting OEM and coop ad customers back into cash  customers.

Beating the Guaranteed sale at distribution

Contributing Success Factors
Market Timing


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