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GD MAC has particular strength in developing and managing successful start ups, second stage companies and rapid growth businesses.

GD MAC has been successful in identifying, developing, and converting profitable opportunities in innovative products, technology and services. We have proven ability to assess market needs to produce and promote well-targeted products, yielding substantial sales volume.  Our developmental strengths have fueled the opportunity for many business owners to exit their companies, achieving their Entrepreneurial dreams.


  1. Sales infrastructure
  2. Sales methods & tactics 
  3. Defining New Markets
  4. Marketing support of the sales process
  5. Joint Ventures


  1. Cohesive marketing plans that support the sales process
    • When is PR right?
    • When is Advertising right?
  2. Strategic new business 
  3. Defining market driven products
  4. Operations
  5. Systems
  6. Customer Service

Mergers & Acquisitions

  1. Identifying Buyers
  2. Acquisition Negotiation 
  3. Contract Coordination and Negotiation
  4. Transaction Expertise
    • Asset purchase, between privately help businesses.
    • Cash for stock, Privately or Public held company acquiring privately held business’s stock(Includes Assets & Liabilities).
    • Triangular Mergers, publicly held company acquiring privately held businesses stock through a newly formed entity wholly owned by the parent public company.
    • Stock for Stock, Publicly traded company trades stock for stock in a privately held company.

Entity Formation

  1. C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships.

Finance & Legal

  1. Working with company executives, CPAs and Attorneys to architect the financial and legal framework necessary for the right acquisition.

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